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Zombies And Other Minor Distractions
A naked guy in Miami was high on something and ran around chewing people's faces off.


He was shot and killed by police.

It took four bullets for the guy to finally stop.  He's dead.  And the headlines are all abuzz about this 'zombie' in Miami.  

Everyone's talking about it . . . 

 . . . myself included.

Some are saying it's the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.  It's the end of days.  We're all gonna die. 

I chuckle.

Mom always told me, "Don't fear the dead.  It's the living you need to worry about."

And if the living happens to be high on some mind altering substance, multiply the fear times infinity.

But if Mom was wrong, and zombies do start an apocalypse, have no fear.

The media will blast some other random story to distract us from the real problems going on at our front doors.  

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Progress Report On the plane ride back from Chicago, I had an epiphany about the latest illustration I've been working on.  She just wasn't translating as an illustration in reality as she did in my head.


My epiphany?

If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

When I got out of my own way and stopped trying so hard to will the illustration into being, the diva presented herself.   


I may still add a cat.  I'm not sure.  I'm actually leaning against the idea.

Sometimes an illustration can get too 'noisy'.  I don't want to have so much going on it loses its charm and becomes a mess.

At this point, if I add something, that means something has to go.  I'm going to polish up a few things in the next few days or so.  But for the most part, she's about done.

We'll see.  

What's important is I got the vibe I was looking for. I kept it loose.  I stopped worrying about proportions and logic and did full on whimsy . . . just like the first one that inspired her.

It's cool how sometimes the very best thing to do . . . 

 . . . is nothing at all.  

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Powerful Rainbows While I was in San Francisco, I was inspired by something quite innocent . . . Kids.

There were lots of toddlers and strollers - in Castro no less.  Some were being strolled by two adults or one adult of the same or either gender.  

At one point, I overheard one girl,  no more than 3 or 4 years old, point and ask her dad about the display in a door window.  It was a rainbow flag.

"Those are the colors of our neighborhood." he answered.

My inspiration was complete.

Kids should be able to see the rainbow flag displayed and be comforted.  Its display means: the person, store, driver . . . neighborhood that displays this flag, has a zero tolerance for bullying, harassment and hate.  

They are accepted.  They are loved.  They are not alone.

And now, "Love is Power" Doodle Diva,  has got their back too.

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San Francisco and Other Urban Legends San Francisco was an education in reality versus perception.

Perception: oodles upon oodles upon oodles of young, hot, fashionable gay male eye candy walking hand in hand with their boyfriend flashing million watt smiles.

Reality: I didn't see a lot of men walking hand in hand. In fact, what stood out to me was the number of straight couples, straight families, lesbians, and apparently a new phenomenon - very effeminate STRAIGHT men.

The very first thing that I noticed about San Franciso? - super duper chilly!!!

Oh my GAH!

I took heed from my hosts and research and erred on too many layers versus too few. That was hands down the smartest thing I did for my San Francisco trip!

Otherwise, I would have been miserable. It's not just chilly. By late afternoon it's flat out cold.

The guys were normal. I guess I was expecting these extremely crafted by da Vinci types as the norm. Like physical perfection en masse.


The guys were normal - fashionable . . . But no supermodel norm.

I guess I figured it's California and they're all about beautiful bods, speedos, convertibles and oozing hotness 24-7.

Nope. They were all shapes and sizes. Though skinny gay younguns seemed to be everywhere.

Lots of Hispanics, Latinos and Asians. I liked that. Very melting pot vibe.

Lots of art. Lots of coffee shops. Lots of restaurants.

Oh my gah!

The restaurants.

Seriously. It's impossible to have a bad meal. And the food all tastes like it was fresh from the garden or farm a few hours ago.

It was like really tasting food for the first time. It's an other world experience. It's like your tastes buds have been sleepwalking all this time and then KAPOW!!!


If for nothing else, visit for the restaurants.

Then there's the coffee.

Coffee snobs that diss Starbucks have always made me roll my eyes. Whatever. Starbucks always tastes better than or the same as the coffee houses I've been

My host refused to drink Starbucks. He practically hissed when I asked. I rolled my eyes.

. . . Only to have them stop in mid roll after one gulp of the coffee from a coffee house on the same block as my hosts'. Oh my. I stand utterly corrected.

There's a robustness, a boldness, a kick, an organicness, an authenticness and a richness unlike any Starbucks brew I've ever had. I had three or four different coffees from three or four different coffeehouses. They all made Starbucks seem so . . . plastic.

Even the sweet potato fries at one diner were like a lesson in "how it's supposed to taste - 101".   Light but crispy - (they should have forbade ketchup!)

Speaking of food . . . I finally got my wings and salad delivered and devoured here in Chicago. So I'm off to bed.

Stay tuned. More about my San Francisco visit to come . . .

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An Utterly Haenus Day What a haenus day!

I was already blue. Vacay was over and I was sitting firmly on two of the H.A.L.T. 's, ( hungry, angry, lonely, tired).

And I discovered something tonight. It's the reason I'm blogging from a hotel room I can't afford in Chicago instead of my own abode.

Gate changes.

Apparently, a plane can change gates at will. It can change gates a couple of times. You can be sitting for three hours for your flight that has already had one change . . .

And it change again.

And somehow, you, (well I), never get a memo, a tap on the shoulder, a head's up, a muffled loudspeaker announcement, advising of this added change.

I had a weird feeling. Something was amiss. I grabbed my boarding pass and felt the blood rush from my head to my tiptoes.

My flight should have been airborne 25 minutes ago!

Surely some mistake. I was sitting right there in front of the attendants.

But the attendant confirmed my flight was gone. I would need to reschedule.

The sheer exquisiteness of my panic, horror, frustration, anger, bewilderment . . . I was a big pile of pitiful.

I picked up on external cues from other passengers. Getting rude and angry would do me zero favors. So I lost it. . . Internally.

Four attendants, one rebooking, three phone calls, two Priceline bids, and one wrong shuttle bus later, I find myself here, in a hotel I can't really afford, starving. 

Did I mention I'm still dressed in San Francisco layers in Chicago's 80-90 degree heat?  My outfit alone SCREAMS "I'm a clueless tourist. Please take advantage of me."

Did I also mention the earliest flight is tomorrow afternoon? 

And it's a two hour flight. 

And I'm supposed to be at work. . .

. . . at 8:30am.

I'm going to eat and hit the sack and pray tomorrow proves to be more favorable. 

I had a glorious time in San Francisco. I have volumes of blog entries to share.

And of course, not every ounce of this day was haenus. I was even able to complete another diva . . .THREE divas over vacation. The inspirations were abundant.

I just had to whine. I now have the presence of mind to realize without the crappy days, the divalicious days wouldn't be nearly as special. . .

. . . Damn it!!!

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Location:N River Rd,Rosemont,United States ( Chicago)
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Progress . . . So the new illustration is still in progress.

So far it's gone from this:

To this:

She's still a draft.  I still want to incorporate a couple of ideas.  I'm leaning toward a cat.  Poodles are so typical.  

I want to give it some more energy.  I'm thinking the legs could be exaggerated for the energy I'm trying to capture.

However, I don't want to clean it up too terribly much.  It needs to stay loose and whimsical.  

I'll be visiting peeps and fam in Atlanta this weekend.  This will probably take longer than I originally planned.  But once I get my mind set on something, it gets done when it gets done. 

And it's always worth it!

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My Best Ideas Happen . . .   . . . in the morning between my first and second cup of coffee.  

Did I mention my cup holds two cups of coffee?  So by the time I can see the bottom of my favorite coffee cup while sipping, if I have an idea, it's already scratched out in rough draft.

A recent conversation in my head went something like this:

What if I used the same 'Audrey's Martini' concept in different poses, with different props??


Scratch that.

Same props but different pose.

 . . . and a dog!


A cat!  


A poodle?


Just get a rough draft down for now.  I'm gonna be late for work!  

I grabbed my pad and came up with this rough draft:

Audrey rough draft 1 by Steven Hall/Doodle Divas

Audrey's Martini

Now the idea is at least down and I can play around with some ideas.  Rarely does the idea match the actual rough draft.  Rarely does the rough draft match the final illustration.

So between now and the next 24-72 hours, I'm gonna toss around some ideas and have a completed illustration.

My ideas:

  • legs crossed at the knee versus the ankle
  • poodle in her lap
  • cat in her lap
  • red sofa
  • red background
  • curled up in chair versus sitting

What do you think?  Like any of the above?  Have other suggestions altogether?  

Every participant gets entered in a drawing.  So one person can end up with the finished illustration, (matted, signed, plastic sleeve, etc), just for passing along an idea.  

Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted on the progress.  

nighty-night!  :-)

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The Bright Spot of My Day Today was one of those days.  Well it was Monday.  So it started off bad by default.

It was dreary.  I didn't get enough sleep.  It was Monday.  

Oh yeah.  I said that already.

By the end of the day, I was ready to go home.  But no.  There was still grocery shopping, a department store, and a drugstore to get to.

I canceled dinner plans.

I was in no mood.

I was the walking dead.   

Finally, home sweet home.  I was uber eager to say 'Goodbye day! Hello bed!'

I did the ritual of stopping by my mailbox before parking in front of my pad.  

Junk mail.  


Pre-approved credit notifications.

 . . . wait a minute.

What's this unusual brown flat square thingy?  Is it a dvd?  A cd?   . . . 



It's a surprise package from the one and only "supremely skilled southpaw" Kristilyn , owner, creator and master genius of Zombie Romance!!!

Suddenly I'm ripping the package apart and hear myself gasp in utterly awed appreciation of the contents:


This would be an adorable Doodle Diva inspired Zombie Diva as only uber talented Kristilyn can imagine and create.  

Isn't it disturbing?

Isn't it twisted?

Isn't it just the cutest thing you ever did see?!!

I love this girl's creations.  And mark my words:  I predict Kristilyn's Zombie Romance is going to be a very, Very, VERY big deal sooner than later.

A little note from my fellow Southpaw

Too adorable.  Check out those eyelashes and the adorableness of these little fawns. Meanwhile, their fearless leader is wearing a skeleton.  I love the way the stark contrast just coincide like business as usual.

Meanwhile, her surprise got me my second wind.  Suddenly, Monday doesn't seem bad at all.  I have a Zombie Romance original inspired by Doodle Divas.


And it tickles me to know that while my girls are positioning themselves to take over the world one walk-in closet at a time, Zombie Romance's gals are taking over the world as well . . . 

 . . . one brain at a time!   :-)


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Mother's Day I never reply "WHAT?" when someone beckons my attention.
That's rude.
I reply, "Yes?"

That was one of a multitude of things my mom taught me.

I love you.  Thank you.  While all absolutely fine, it just doesn't pack the same personal punch as the specifics.

  • "Thanks for teaching me to keep a little bowl by the tub.  I can use it to rinse the tub after I bathe to prevent tub rings."

  • "Thanks for teaching me to rinse the dish cloths in fresh water so they won't get gross and sour overnight."
  • "Thanks for teaching me the best ice cream is Breyer's, the best candy bar is Snickers, and the best music is Motown."

  • "Thanks for teaching me to root for underdogs, see the beauty in small things, and always say 'thank you'."

I rattled off a multitude of things Mom taught me.  I could tell she absolutely appreciated it. In an age where experts, talk show hosts and even Time magazine love to point out what parents did and are doing wrong, it's music to a parent's ear to hear all the glorious things they did right.

Happy Mother's Day.

Doodle Divas

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Sitting Like a Lady I've always associated class, sophistication and diva-ness with crossed legs.  

Turns out that just like everything else that appears completely innocuous, researchers have found crossing your legs is actually hazardous to your health.

Here are their findings on the health hazards associated with crossing your legs:

  • Slower blood flow
  • Extra burden on the heart
  • Varicose veins
  • Change to posture

What advice can I give those ladies that read this information but still insist on crossing their legs?  

Turns out that like everything else that appears completely hazardous, I have found crossing your legs is actually nowhere near as hazardous as smoking.

In fact, Here are my findings on handling health hazards associated with crossing your legs:

  • Tell those researchers to kiss your ass


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The Best Part of Waking Up Is COFFEE in My Cup!!! It doesn't matter how much I dread the day.  It doesn't matter what colossal event I will be engaged in awaits me.  It doesn't matter if it's rainy, sunny, snowy,  dark outside or light outside. . . 

 . . . starting off with coffee first thing in the morning is consistent.  It's a bright spot in my day no matter what.

Here's how it has to go down for perfection:

-three heaping tablespoons of medium/strong name brand coffee, (sorry store brand, I can absolutely taste the difference)

- two cups of water (minimum two cups of coffee required)

-brewed till all brewing has stopped, (no heavy drips and no sitting around on a hot plate)

-my favorite coffee cup, (it's heavy and chipped and speckled and super old . . . LOVE!)

-powdered creamer poured, (NEVER measured)

-three tablespoons of REAL sugar, (the order is important - creamer first followed by sugar)

-40 second nuke in the microwave to get to my preferred temp (my old coffee maker doesn't get it hot like it used to)

Voila!  My perfect coffee is made.  My day has a chance of equaling the same perfection.

What's your perfect coffee??  

(This lovely caffeinated princess is available at my CafePress!)

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Random Divas
 . . . very doodle.

Actually, I have a series of Doodle Divas with martini glasses.

 It's very old school sophistication.  Those old black and white movies seemed to equate martinis and cigarettes with class and sophistication.

Of course, today, we know better.   Well, I certainly do.

This series of illustrations is an homage to 'way back in the day.'  And in this particular case, an old school diva's dry martini is all dried up.  I'm thinking Bette Davis:

"Waiter!  One more.  And don't be stingy with the olives!"

Doodle Divas

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Easter I had a blast at the Grove Arcade today offering my Doodle Divas for the big Easter crowd.  Speaking of Easter, here's Easter Diva 2012:

Click here for Doodle Divas t-shirts and gifts!

She's a hit!  Last year it was all about the diva with an outfit that went with the season in the same pose.

This year - not so much.

I knew I wanted bunny ears.  But I didn't want her to look like a Playboy bunny.  So I started with traditional Easter colors, chose a background color that happens to be one of the most popular colors for Spring/Summer 2012, and just let my mind guide my drawing hand with ideas.

See.  Nothing deep.  I just wanted something super cute and different.

The end.

Hope everyone had a good Easter!  :-)
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Josephine Baker I'm not  a fan of planes.  I don't like the take off.  I don't like the turbulence.  I don't like being at the mercy of some random pilot I barely hear over some screaming child over the p.a.

Did he just say  . . . 

"You can get up when you see the light."

Or was it . . . 

"I give up. You can kiss your ass goodbye??"

BIG difference.

I had my headphones and put some finishing touches on a diva.  It helped to keep my mind off of . . . how does something this big actually stay in the air?


I had a random and fleeting thought of Josephine Baker.  Her story is actually incredibly sensational and quite scandalous - even by today's standards.

And she was a lady of color - biracial actually.  Rumor is her father was White.  Her grandparents were former slaves.   

And Josephine's childhood was no picnic.  Holy moly!  She lived on the streets, ALONE,  before she was a teenager. 

She danced for food and money and was discovered by a vaudeville act.  Eventually, she went to France, and got super famous.  America - not so much.

So she stayed in France, lived  in  a huge castle, adopted 12 kids, and had a huge show in 1975 in America that drew the likes of Mick Jagger and Jackie Onassis.  It was sold out.  Four days later she was found dead of a cerebral hemorrhage lying peacefully in her bed  surrounded by rave reviews of her performance.


Talk about going out with a bang!  

I saw a snippet of her show on Youtube.  At age 68, Joesphine had it going on!  Skin tight outfit.  Sequins for days.  Elaborate getup.

Scandalous.  Sensational.  Talented.

In other words . . . 

. . . Josephine Baker was 100% diva.

How could I resist!

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Trayvon Martin Trayvon Martin issue.  It's tragic.

The metaphorical picture painted of the security guard in this case, George Zimmerman, is completely unsettling.  Based solely on what I've been hearing, I'm not sure he should be carrying a bag of groceries, let alone a loaded weapon.

I'm disappointed with  Geraldo Rivera.  Geraldo suggests Trayvon's clothing, a hoodie,  was typical criminal wear and therefore he was asking for trouble.  

Trayvon was guilty by association . . .

 . . . with a hoodie.

It reminds me of folks that say rape victims that were wearing provocative clothing were sending signals promoting the attack.

Absurd.  Misguided.  Disgusting.  It's an additional heaping spoonful of salt on an excruciating painful and gaping wound.

I wasn't there.  I have no idea how things truly went down.  But if Zimmerman's actions were truly based on Trayvon wearing a hoodie, it's not the people wearing hoodies that are asking for trouble.

It's people like Zimmerman  that are asking for trouble.

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I'm Not THAT Kind of Artist . . . Yet People often ask, 'where do you get your ideas and inspiration?'  

The short answer is 'everywhere and nowhere.'   I'm simply not the kind of artist that has all kinds of deep, philosophical, meaning of life stuff going on in my art.

Things change of course.

I don't want to eat my words and claim I'll never be that kind of artist.  

For now, I think some folks would be surprised at the finished product versus the inspiration for some of my divas.  Take this one.  I named it "Yes.  You!" :

She was inspired by the movie I had just seen less than an hour before - "The Hunger Games."  

How the hell did I go from "The Hunger Games" to a lady singling someone out in a bar?  

After watching "The Hunger Games",  the lead character got my creative juices flowing.  The next diva could be:

  • a woman pointing her bow and arrow (hmm . . . ok . . . )
  • a woman pointing her arrow (hmm . . . maybe . . . )
  • a woman pointing!!!  (OMG!  How cool would that be?)

Thanks to the part of me that's still a little boy sitting in Algebra class staring out the window daydreaming, an entire story and scenario develops.  

On the surface, zero connection between the two.  However, once you dig a little deeper, you can probably see the influence and relationship to "The Hunger Games" . . . albeit, a loose derivative. 

Oh dear.  

Is it just me?  Or did I not just sound like THAT kind of artist?  ;-)

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Long Weekends Are Short I flew to Tampa, FL to visit a buddy and explore the city.  And of course, I felt like I had just landed only to have to hop back on the plane and return home.

Sigh . . . 

My long weekend felt awfully short.  But alas, diva inspirations abounded - especially heels!

Holy moly!

The girls in Tampa, FL don't play when it comes to high, High, HIGH heels.  The diva sighting of the day was a girl in super-duper-nosebleed high heels leaving a movie theatre Saturday late night.

She had to walk down two steep flights of stairs.  

She didn't bat an eye.  

She didn't hesitate.

She didn't even pause.

She sauntered down both flights  . . . 


I was stunned and impressed. 

It's nice to be home.  Diva inspirations abound in my own backyard.  But, until this diva sighting in Tampa, FL . . . 

I had no idea high heels came in ALL -WHEEL DRIVE!  ;-)

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It's Spring . . . And? Today is the first day of Spring.


It was rather uneventful.  It's been so warm lately.  It already felt like Spring.  

Trees and flowers are blooming.   

Oh.  By the way.  I did that dumb thing where you make a conscious decision to turn ON the alarm.  

But for whatever reason, you actually turn it OFF?  Yeah.  That was my genius move last night.

I woke up super refreshed.

That's because I super overslept.

It's the ultimate metaphor for me lately.  I have a lot of irons in a lot of fires.  I feel like I've been running around chasing the Road Runner.  

Just when I think I've got him . . . POW!  No Road Runner.  Just me landing hard and flat on my face like the Wile E. Coyote.

So today I rushed home to hurry up and eat and tackle one of those irons in the fire.  It's a new domain server thingy I'm considering  for Doodle Divas.  

My Ipad couldn't run the program  since it doesn't have a Flash Player.  So I needed to get in front of my desktop, which has Flash Player.  But my desktop isn't in front of the flat screen, which has the latest Hollywood gossip!  

And I'd like to get this done before I hop my flight to Florida this weekend to hang out on the beach and explore with a buddy of mine in Tampa.

So clearly you see how my poor, pitiful and unfortunate my life is right?

But alas. . . 

 As if that wasn't enough hellaciousness. . . 

I'll be damned if the a/c is on day THREE of being weird.  

It has been blowing room temperature air.  I've been trying a few things the past few days and nothing works.  

I don't need this people!

It was my last straw.

The past several weeks have been a steady build of tough decisions, bad decisions, second guesses, question marks, worn patience, frustrations, misunderstandings, missed connections, disappointments . . . 

 . . . so I started drawing.

Sometimes drawing is my therapy.  And tonight, drawing put things in perspective.  

I'm above ground.  

I have high class "problems".  

And to the icing on the cake . . . 

It's the first day of Spring!


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When Less is a Mess

The issue looks like the cover of a raunchy men's magazine.  And I don't mean Playboy.  I'm thinking more like Hustler.

Even Victoria's Secret said they will not be using the model that graces the coveted cover, Kate Upton, in their runway shows.  A spokesperson for the underwear dynasty basically said she looked too tawdry. Until now, Kate Upton has actually been a refreshing change in the world of modeling.

Kate has curves.  She actually looks like she finishes a meal and keeps it down. And she has always had a girl-next-door sexy-but-not-trashy vibe.

. . . until now.

Sorry for sounding like a middle-aged Dad.  But Sports Illustrated has officially made it clear with this issue, they have lost the ability to distinguish between sexy and sexual.

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