Welcome to the world of Doodle Divas In Doodle Diva world, high heels and ball gowns are the ensemble of choice for hitting the gym or a game of soccer.
Doodle Divas wear their sunglasses at night.
Doodle Divas have a vertically unchallenged signature hair flip.
Doodle Divas think sneakers are a herd of spies.
Doodle Divas have one mission:
Take over the world one walk-in closet at a time!

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What are Doodle Divas?

Doodle Divas are literally based on my doodles found in notebooks from childhood to present day. They're gorgeous and strong and maybe just a little naive. After all, they're known to wear high heels to mow their lawns and cocktail dresses to play soccer.

But they mean well. Their hearts are as big as their walk-in closets!

They're inspired by divas real and imagined and divas from today and days long since gone. So whether you're young, wise or somewhere in the middle, you are sure to find a diva you recognize.

. . . Perhaps even the diva in YOU! :-)